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How to fertilize microelements on chestnut tree?

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To want full fruits on chestnut branches next year, farmers not only well manage fruit trees, but also timely fertilize appropriate zinc sulfate monohydrate and boron fertilizer.

In Chinese chestnut production areas, many farmers roughly manage chestnut trees and regards especial fertilization is not necessary. In fact that was not the case. Once chestnuts fruit bract without nut, the chestnut tree would need zinc sulfate monohydrate fertilizer and boron fertilizer.

Fertilization time and method:
1. Spray mixture solution of 0.2% borax and 0.25% zinc sulfate on the front and back of the leaves on breeze afternoon without wind or on 4 pm sunny afternoon to make sure no rains 24 hours later after spraying.

2.When the soil gets wet, dig a 0.4 meters wide, 0.6 meters deep ditch along the tree’s drip line and fertilize into zinc and boron. For the fruited trees, fertilize 100g borax and 100g zinc sulfate  (less for young trees) with soil covered. If in dry day, drought, the soil moisture is insufficient, please water before fertilization in order to promote root absorption.

Therefore, fertilizers as zinc sulfate monohydrate, zinc fertilizer could promote flower bud differentiation and make empty bract rate reduced by more than 50% next year and improve fruit trees' economic efficiency.


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