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How to fertilize garlic in autumn?

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Mid-October in autumn is the best season to plant garlic. Garlic harvest not only depends on the right sowing time, but also cannot leave without kinds of fertilization preparation as zinc sulphate fertilizer grade, etc.

Fertilization on garlic mostly focus on farmyard manure fertilizer, other fertilizers are for chemical fertilizers. The generally recommended full dosage for base fertilizer: the farmyard manure 5000 kg, cake fertilizer80 kg. In order to improve soil fertility, fertilize urea 50 kg, phosphate fertilizer 80 kg, potassium sulphate compound fertilizer 25 kg, zinc sulfate 1.5 kg in soil ploughing. Plough up the soil into high planting beds with width 70 cm, height 10~15cm. And spread bio-bacterial manure 100 kg per mu over the fields in broadcasting for seeding preparation.

With such zinc sulphate and other fertilizers solution, it can effectively guarantee the garlic’s elements requirement for fertilizers, and enhance garlic’s disease-resistant ability, which provides favorable conditions for high garlic yield with good quality.


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