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How to fertilize for rest fennel?

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Rest fennel is the scientific name of Chinese cumin seed, the only producing area is Sinkiang, no matter in what kind of soil, and it must give priority to organic fertilizer, and then the chemical fertilizer, mixing with some micronutrient fertilizer like manganese sulfate, and some foliage fertilizer.
Rest fennel can not be continuously cropped on the same land, and it’s the best if the previous crops are wheat or maize. For every 667㎡ soil, fertilize 2-3 tongs of organic fertilizers, 10kgs of urea 20kgs of P fertilizer or diammonium, 15kg is for base fertilizer and 5kgs for the seed fertilizer.
1/ Base fertilizer: 1-2kgs/667㎡, mixing with the farm manure;
2/ Fertilize with the seeds: 0.5-1kgs/667㎡;
3/ Seed dressing: 4-8g manganese sulfate, dilute in the little water, and spray on the seeds equally, sowing after drying in the air.
For Irrigation brown desert soil, 2-3 tons of organic fertilizer, 20kgs of P fertilizer (15kgs are as base fertilizer, 5kgs are as seeds fertilizer), 10-15kgs of urea (5kgs are as base fertilizer, others are as top application). Spray micronutrient fertilizer on the leaves. 
The best time for top application is in the end of May or in the very beginning of June, that’s in the flowering phase, during this time, it can receive very good effective. In the late growth period, the absorbing capacity for root is poor and manganese sulfate is easy to be fixed by soil, so the top application can supply nutrients timely, making kernels full, and receiving the very good effective.


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