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How to fertilize for cottons in Kashgar?

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Cotton is the pillar industry and one of main channels of increment in Kashgar, the following suggestions are supposed by some cotton experts and technologists. Appropriate manganese sulfate can improve the quality and output of cottons.

Firstly, fertilize rationally is very important, as well as the use fertilizer effectively. The key to get high harvest and quality is to apply chemical fertilizers base on the organic fertilizers, mixing organic fertilizers and organic fertilizers together, and apply appropriate trace elements like manganese sulfate can increase the output of cottons. 150kgs/667㎡ of ginned cottons will need 180kgs of chemical fertilizers, which is 120kgs of N fertilizers, 60kgs of P fertilizers, and the proportion is 1:0.5; 100-120kgs of ginned cottons need 120kgs of fertilizers which include 85kgs of N fertilizer, 35kgs of P fertilizer. The proportion of N and P fertilizer is 1:0.41. Secondly, applying some zinc sulfate fertilizer can increase output by 10-19%, usually 1-2kgs of zinc sulfate is needed; applying manganese sulfate fertilizer can increase by 7-15%, usually the volume is 1.5kgs. And it will receive much better effectiveness if mixed with organic fertilizers. It’s better not mix with P fertilizer to apply. Spray 0.2% manganese sulfate in the period of flower bud period to florescence period for once or twice, or dress seeds with zinc sulfate, every 1kg of seeds need 8g zinc sulfate. 

Apply appropriate micronutrient fertilizers like manganese sulfate monohydrate and zinc sulfate can improve the  bell weight and the fibre quality. 


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