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How to fertilize eggplant with micronutrient?

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Eggplant is one of common vegetable in our life. In its planting, right amount of manganese sulfate monohydrate powder and other micronutrient fertilizer can improve the quality and yield. However, incorrect fertilizer application would cause pollutions on vegetables, even some affect to eaters.

Eggplant is a plant that needs more fertilizers and has strong fertilizing resistance. Basal fertilizers should be strengthened before ploughing, and at the same time, trace elements as zinc sulfate 1 kg and manganese sulfate 2 kg are suitable for each acre. As to ferrous sulphate, its amount can’t exceed 3.25 kg per mu. The amount of manganese sulfate, manganese chloride can't exceed 2.05 kg per month.

Vegetables usually demand very little for trace elements, and excessive application micronutrient fertilizer is not only wasteful, but also easy to produce harm to crops and pollution to the environment. So, every gardener in the practical use of micronutrient fertilizer, remember to fertilize according to the method of manganese sulfate and other micronutrient fertilizer fertilization.


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