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How to do spring fertilization for vineyard?

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After the grape harvest, orchard management affairs not only contain autumn fertilization, but also contain preparation of urea, zinc sulfate and other trace elements fertilizer for spring fertilization.

Spring fertilizer, commonly known as Bud fertilizer, is usually applied before Spring Begin when there are no buds on shoots.

Dosage for each Mu: urea 40 kg, calcium 100 kg, potassium sulfate 25 kg, zinc sulfate 3 kg, borax 3 kg, ferrous sulfate 10 kg (ferrous sulfate 25 kg for sticky soil or fields with high-level ground water), dung circle 3000-5000 kg.

Fertilization methods: dig 15~20cm depth furrows around the grape’s main stalk 40-50 centimeters away, and ditches covered by loose soil.

With 2014 spring fertilizer application drawing on, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd specially reminds fertilizer buyers: when you purchase fertilizers such as zinc sulfate, do buy these from formal channels that could be tracked to avoid buying counterfeit and shoddy products.


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