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How to do foliar fertilization well?

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Zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate monohydrate, copper sulphate pentahydrate and other microelements fertilizers produced by Rech Chemical all belongs to efficient water soluble fertilizer, which are widely used as a foliar fertilizer. The effects of foliar fertilizer not only associated with fertilizer sorts, but also do with the fertilization methods.

1. Foliar fertilizers species should be selected with some targets. When basic fertilizer is full enough, trace elements can be applied in foliar fertilization.

2. Suitable acidity. Generally, PH 5 ~ 8 is required.

3. The concentration of foliar fertilizer should be considered based on the type of crops
4. Foliar fertilizer with better solubility.

5. Foliar fertilizer should be used as soon as possible and not kept for too long.

6. It’s better sprayed and strengthened in the critical period of crop growth. For example, gramineous crops such as wheat, rice, their root absorbing ability abate in late growth period, foliar fertilization can supply nutrition and increase grain number and grain weight.

In total, trace-elements as zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, such foliar fertilizers are widely applied by farmers for quickly absorb ability and high efficiency.


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