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How to deal with rice runt seedlings?

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During seedling growth period after planting, rice sometimes may appear runt seedlings. The symptoms are slow recovery or grow, which are called “runt seedlings “by farmers. Zinc sulfate could effective treat runt seedlings caused by zinc deficiency.

The further detailed features for zinc deficiency judgment: the new leaves of rice seedlings base lose green and appear white, while veins on both sides of old leaves show brown patches or irregular brown spots; For bottom leaves, the tips of big leaves completely dried, the newly leaves grow short and narrow.

1. Apply agriculture grade zinc sulfate 1~1.5 kg for each mu in fields, 2~3 years a time.
2. Zinc sulfate can be applied for basic fertilizer and spraying, but base fertilizing effect is the best.
3, Zinc fertilizer could not be applied with phosphate fertilizer.
4, for foliar topdressing, zinc sulfate’s concentration is 0.1%~0.2%, 2 ~ 3 times in a row. 3 leaf stage and 3 ~ 5 days before seedlings transplanting are the best spraying time for seedling bed; 10 ~ 15 days after transplanting are the appropriate time for large field seedling.
In rice fields with zinc deficiency symptoms, agriculture grade zinc sulfate fertilizer play significant effect on increasing yield and improving quality, however, unreasonable fertilizer application not only cause waste, but also make output down.


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