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How to deal with ferrous sulfate stained clothes?

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Lisa Chen, one of stuff from Rech Chemical Co. Ltd samples department, often need to pack bag samples which are sented to customers at home and abroad. As the she pack more samples, it’s inevitable to be stained by ferrous sulfate monohydrate on clothing or shoes. Being infected with ferrous sulfate, clothes often appears yellow stains. Whatever how Lisa washed the stains, they cannot be cleared up. Lisa how to do?

In fact, our customers may also encounter this kind of situation when use ferrous sulphate monohydrate. Now let Rech Chemical technician teaches you how to do with it: Dilute hydrochloric acid may help you. Hydrochloric acid, a kind of strong oxidant, can react with ferrous sulfate. When wiping ferrous sulfate stains with, it is important to remind you that hydrochloric acid must be fully diluted. Otherwise, you skin will be burned.


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