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How to deal with Chili frozen fruit?

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Fruits and vegetables not only exists the possibility of pathological disease but also the physical disease. Such kinds of problems as pepper deficiency or frozen fruit disease could be treated by zinc sulfate agriculture grade.

The symptoms of Chili frozen fruit disease: fruit dried as a small persimmon and as strawberry shape in late. The fruit has hard skin with good color and long fruit stem. There’re no seeds in it, no spicy. Fruit cannot grow up then become a frozen fruit.
Prevention and control measures:

Firstly, in pepper's flower bud differentiation stage, supply sufficient fertilizer and water for pepper to make sure the nutrient-rich for bud growth;

Secondly, control the canopy temperature, keep the temperature 23 ~ 30 ℃ for day and 15 ~ 18 ℃ for night in flower bud differentiation;

Thirdly, water the sprout with zinc sulfate 700~1000 times in common condition without canopy and spray 0.3% boron fertilizer solution in flowering to promote plants growth.

Chili frozen fruit is caused by lack of growing stimulants that affect the absorption of elements as zinc, boron, potassium, the fruits finally become frozen fruits. Timely zinc sulfate fertilization can cure physiological diseases as pepper frozen fruit.


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