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How to correct the deficiency of fruit trees on the brink of death?

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Deficiency (iron, zinc, copper and magnesium) to fruit tree twigs, roots rotted, fruit decay, even the whole die, correct common fertilizer trees deficiency of ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate element fertilizer, etc. In north China, pear, apple and orange in the south of fruit trees such as general lack of iron, and iron deficiency is associated with zinc deficiency commonly.

Iron deficiency causes governance formula: ferrous sulfate 50 g, 50 g zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, 25 g, urea, 50 g 30 kg water spray leaves. Governance period can be used in trees MengDongQi, bud period is safe. Flowering period and later period of fruit trees are should not be used, but in the prevention and treatment of 2 ~ 3 times a year, 10 ~ 15 days, even the 2 ~ 3 years can be corrected.

Zinc deficiency governance formula: zinc sulfate 50 g, urea, 50 g water 30 kg. The safety of this method in any fruit tree growth period are available.

The above formula of ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate can also reduce herbicide, antibacterial, etc. The key of pesticides in fruit trees.


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