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How to control the eggplant shed leaves and fruit falls

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During the eggplant cultivation in greenhouse, if problems occur in growth and development, the eggplant quality and output will be seriously influenced. If taken timely measures, such as using fertilizer grade zinc sulphate to treat eggplant leaves and drop symptom, it can save farmers a lot loss.

Symptoms: Under low temperature condition, lower leaves become yellowing; under high temperature, the young fruit become soft till fall.

Causes: Excessive fertilizers as nitrogen, phosphate are applied that make the soil concentration increased under low temperature. Thus long-term unbalance nutrition would cause aging fast. The sequela is caused by zinc deficiency; the shortage of auxin in the joints of petiole and stem, peduncle and fruit cause abscission to fall off.

The treatments:

1Spray zinc nutrition element to promote plant growing.

2. The plant appears aging initially, spray 700 times liquid of zinc sulphate, or zinc sulfate 1 kg for each 667 square meters.


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