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How to applying zinc sulfate well

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Spring plowing season is coning soon and fertilize crops well are becoming the most important thing for farmers. According to one survey in the year o f2011, most of the soils in China are Zn deficiency, and in averagely, we need to apply zinc sulfate 1-3kgs per acre.
When applying zinc sulfate, controlling the dosage well is very important. As you know, effects are not obvious with low dosage, and over-applying will be harmful for crops and human beings.
Besides controlling dosage well, applying method is also important when applying zinc sulfate. The most important thing which you need to keep in mind is that can not applying zinc sulfate together with phosphate fertilizers. Because the when zinc sulfate meet phosphate fertilizer, there will be react another substance zinc phosphate. And this substance will decrease the effectiveness of zinc sulfate and phosphate. 
Therefore, when applying zinc sulfate industry grade, not only do we need control the dosage well, but also we need to choose the method well.


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