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How does cattle’s rotting hoof disease come from? (1)

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Not all the zinc sulfate foreign purchasers use it as feed additive in feeding, sometimes they use it as an drug to treat in to prevent and control cattle hoof disease.

There are main two reasons for rotting hoof disease: Firstly, it is caused by knot bacteroidetes. Although such bacteria would not cause big inflammation, its produced protease could digest the keratin with the help of bacterium coli can, which harm to cattle’s surface and its facial organizations. Secondly, improper feed management may cause this disease. Calcium phosphate imbalance in feed would lead to cutin hoof loose and hoof deformation; Long-term impurity and mass in lair would make cattle's foots in feces and urine mud that would caused cattle hoof disease; Hurt by hard materials such as stones, the wound inflammation may cause this disease.

Rotting hoof disease is a common sexually transmitted diseases, whose incidence is 8%~20%, even as high as 30%~50%. For farmers, well daily housing management or feed grade zinc sulfate and other agents could effetely prevent the disease.


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