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How do dyeing factory precede wastewater decolorizing by magnesium sulfate?

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Although the dye industry development and the stability of the printing and dyeing techniques improve the textile dyeing quality, the textile dyeing wastewater decolorizing treatment undoubtedly meet more difficulty. Magnesium sulfate and ferrous sulfate are used to deal with the printing and dyeing wastewater, which are the economic and effective processing method.

Magnesium sulfate and ferrous sulfate belongs to inorganic chemical coagulant. Ferrous sulfate has good decolorizing effect on the most of water soluble dyes. In sulfide dyeing wastewater treatment, ferrous sulfate’s chroma removal rate reaches 95%, sulfur and BOD removal rate reaches 96% and 59%. Because ferrous sulphate decoloring mechanism is a deoxidation process of the chromophore, that small organic molecules cannot be effectively coagulated and removed, so the CODcr removal rate is not high.

Magnesium salts such as magnesium sulfate, base on magnesium hydroxide’s strong adsorption power in the aqueous solution, has good treatment effect on watersoluble dyes containing sulfonic acid groups, whose depigmentation rate and CODcr removal rate can separately reach 98% and 70% high.

Lots of practical applications show that, the inorganic coagulant including ferrous sulfate, magnesium sulfate and other inorganic flocculant colloidal have good decolorizing effect on the dye wastewater with Colloid or suspended solids. 


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