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How do crops deal with summer heat?

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In central south of China, continuous severe heat and rainless weather not only make people unbearable, but also influent the normal crops growth. There’re some cool antipyretic solutions as zinc sulfate spraying provide by Rech Chemical for your reference.

1.Sprinkler irrigation or spray. Spray the cool and refreshing water directly on the leaves. It has cool effect.

2. In dry season, artificial pollination for crops can relieve the high temperature influence on crop pollination, fertilization. This seed setting rate could be increased by 5% ~ 8% than natural pollination.

3. The use of urea, human urine, pig, cow urine, urine or calcium superphosphate and potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution plant ash leaching liquid in foliar fertilization many times in succession not only cool and humidify the crops, but also supply water and nutrients required in crop growth and development.

4. Appropriate fertilization management. 0.1% zinc sulfate solution have certain control effect on the petal fallen caused by high temperature, also it effectively improve the plants’ heat resistance, dehiscent fruit resistance and burning resistance. 


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