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High yield of corn has some relationship with zinc sulphate?

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Corn is a staple crop that prefers zinc, so reasonable fertilization of zinc sulphate could help to increase corn production. The United States and China is the world's leading producers of corn, and Chinese corn belts mainly distribute in northeast, northwest region as Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places where are rich in summer corn as Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Anhui and so on.

March is right time to for north corn sowing in spring. Days ago, Mr. Fan from Heilongjiang ask Rech Chemical Co. Ltd for zinc sulphate fertilization solutions in corn planting. Now, Editor Chen collect and sum the right application methods of zinc fertilizer for all the users’ reference:
1. As basal fertilizer, zinc sulphate is better to mix with NPK in fertilization. Zinc sulfate has low effect when applied on soil surface. 1kg for each 1/15 acre, once for every two years.

2. As a foliar fertilizer application, zinc fertilization has best effect when plants grow 6~8 leaves at seedling stage. Spraying concentration is 0.2% zinc sulfate solution, about 10 days a time, and continuous twice would reach the highest average increase rate.

Zinc fertilizer is an essential nutrient element to improve maize yield. At present, most of China's land has fertilized lots of large elements fertilizers for many years, now zinc sulphate such micro-element fertilizer can play great effect.


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