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Grapefruit cannot harvest without the help of magnesium sulfate fertilizer

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Grapefruit planting is common in southern China area. As people requires much on the taste and yield of grapefruit, compared with large fertilizers, magnesium sulfate and the other microelements play more important role in the plant.

In recent years, planting develops rapidly in our country. The grapefruits are mainly planted in farmland and newly-developed sloping fields. New reclaiming slope field should be increased organic fertilizer, phosphorus, potassium and microelement fertilizers, which would received obvious yield increase in 2~3 years later. Fertilization techniques: in slope fields, fertilize in circular hole or groove around the outer canopy drip line; in flat ground orchard, fertilize in strips. The groove depth should be 30cm. Keep 5cm of intervals between fertilizer and root and cover it with soil after fertilization. Timely watering can avoid its damage to the root.

Grapefruit tree is a kind of tree which easily lack magnesium. Fertilize magnesium sulfate 15 ~ 20 kg for each acre as to supple magnesium elements. If not rightly handled the gardening techniques, you’d better ask help for experienced technicians to ensure the tree safety and fertilizer effect.


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