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Fertilizing for the special vegetables

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Different vegetables have different demands to nutrients, so it’s very important to know the fertilizer characteristics of different vegetables, which can be helpful to effective fertilization. 

For broccoli,this plant needs N and P in the ball-flower expand period, and needs K fertilizer in the flower bud differentiation. It needs B and Mo the most in micronutrient. 1000kgs of broccoli needs N fertilizer(N)2.5kgs, P2O5 1.1kgs, potassium oxide 2.9kgs. Before field planting, fertilizing organic fertilizer 2500kgs, Biological organic compound fertilizer 100kgs, urea 50kgs, calcium superphosphate 20-25kgs, potassium sulfate 30 kgs. Staging into Padoma period, the first top dressing is needed, fertilizing N 4kgs, potassium oxide 6kgs; when in the end of Padoma period, more top dressing can be making, 2.5kgs/ 667㎡, potassium oxide 4kg. In the initial stage of ball-flower, root spraying 0.2-0.5% sodium borate.

For cherry and tomato, Ca, B fertilizers are needed expect NPK fertilizer. 1000kgs cherry and tomato need N fertilizer(N)3.85kgs, P2O5 1.15kgs, potassium oxide 4.44kgs Before field planting, it fertilizes organic fertilizer 5000kgs, Biological organic compound fertilizer 200kgs, urea 50kgs, calcium superphosphate 30-50kgs, potassium sulfate 40kgs, Ca fertilizer 100kgs, sodium borate 1.5kgs.The first top dressing is needed when the first spike fruit expands, that’s fertilizing 5kgs N fertilizer, 6kgs potassium oxide. The second topdressing is before the harvest of the first spike fruit, and fertilizing N fertilizer 5kgs, potassium oxide 6-7kgs. The third topdressing is before the harvest of the second spike fruit, and fertilizing 5kgs N fertilizer, 5-6kgs potassium oxide.
For snow bean, supplying N fertilizer in the seeding stage, and supplying PK fertilizer in the full growing developed period, and increasing Mo and Mn fertilizer. 1000kgs snow bean need N fertilizer(N)2.4kgs, P2O5 0.8kgs, potassium oxide 5.7kgs. Before sowing seeds, it fertilizes organic fertilizer 2500kgs, Biological organic compound fertilizer 100kgs, urea 20kgs, calcium superphosphate 25-30kgs, potassium sulfate 40kgs, manganese sulfate monohytdrate  0.5-1kgs. The first top dressing is when vine is coming out, and fertilizing 3kgs N fertilizer, 4-6kgs potassium oxid. The second topdressing is in pod bearing period, and 2-2.5kgs N for every 667㎡ is fertilized, potassium oxid 3-5kgs. In florescence, it can spray 0.02-0.05% ammonium molybdate.
For celery, it has a large demand for B fertilizer, and increasing zinc fertilizer can decrease the content of nitrate and nitrite. 1000kgs celery need N fertilizer(N)2kgs, P2O5 0.93kgs, potassium oxide 3.9kgs Before field planting, it fertilizes organic fertilizer 4000-5000kgs, Biological organic compound fertilizer 150kgs, urea 40kgs, calcium superphosphate 25-35kgs, potassium sulfate 40kgs, zinc sulfate 1-1.5kgs. When the plant is staging into the full growing developed period, the first topdressing is needed, and fertilizing 3kgs N fertilizer, Potassium oxide 5-6kgs. The Second topdressing is after the half month of the first, fertilizing 2-2.5kgs N fertilizer, potassium oxide 4-5kgs. Spraying 0.2-0.5% sodium borate when it is in exuberant growth period.


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