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Fertilizing for citrus grands osbeck

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Fertilizing fruit picking fertilizer:From the very beginning of winter to the November, re-fertilize the fruit picking fertilizer, magnesium sulfate, to recover the tree vigor, promote the flower bud differentiation and stimulating nutrient for the coming year. Apply 4-7.5kgs of organic fertilizer, 0.5kgs of P fertilizer and appropriate N fertilizer, and at the same time apply 0.5% MKP and spraying 0.2% boric acid to promote the flower bud differentiation.
Fertilizer to make tips strong: Apply a fast-acting fertilizer for every 2-3 months, urea 0.5kg, P fertilizer 0.5kg. After spring tips sprout, spraying 0.5% MKP and 0.3% urea as the top application to promote the strong tips and flowers; In the early and middle March, spraying 0.3% urea and 0.5% MKP to be top application.
Fruit setting fertilizer: Fertilizing according to the plant's growth, 0.5-0.75kgs of compound fertilizer for every plant, 0.5% MKP to be top application after the middle April. Spray 0.5% magnesium sulfate and 300ppm PCPA after flowers fading.
Fertilizer making fruits strong: the fruits expand in July to August, mainly with the organic fertilizer and fast-acting fertilizer. Apply 12kgs of organic fertilizer, 0.3-0.5kgs of compound fertilizer; add 0.25kgs of urea for weak and old trees. Magnesium sulfate, radiated furrow application is adopted when fertilizing.


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