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Fertilizing fertilizer grade zinc sulphate for rice and wheat

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Zinc deficiency for soil is very common in China. Fertilizing compound fertilizer and P fertilizer may induce zinc deficiency, and should supply zinc sulfate fertilizer. Hybrid breed and the use of high yield cultivated technology have large demands for zinc sulfate. So zinc sulfate can increase the yield and quality.
Zinc sulfate is used to remit zinc deficiency, mainly used in seed dressing, soaking of seeds, root seeding or out of root fertilizing, as well as the top dressing and base fertilizer. Among these usages, spraying, soaking, seed dressing have best effects. When spraying or seed dressing, zinc sulfate is 0.02-0.1%, 2-6g zinc sulfate is used in seed dressing, and need to be mixed with calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer before sowing. 1-2.5kgs zinc sulfate as the base sulfate for every , 1kgs of zinc sulfate as the top application for every 667 ㎡, adding 15-20kgs organic fertilizer.
  For zinc deficiency early season rice, Bushes disease arises, which will cause no fructifications. The related measures should be taken: 0.1-0.2% zinc sulfate solution should be sprayed on foliar; 50-60kgs zinc sulfate fertilizer solution should be sprayed twice, for every 7 days.


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