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Fertilizer zinc sulfate supplementation for crop zinc

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Zinc deficiency for crops is a very common trace element deficiency, lots of conditions will be arose: chlorose and fasciation, small plants, leaflet, growth will be restrained, low output and so on. It suggested that fertilizing zinc sulfate. The crops will turn better if supplying zinc sulphate, and the output will increase 10% or above.
Zinc sulfate can be worked as base fertilizer, top application and seed manure. 1-2kgs zinc sulfate is used together with physiological acid fertilizer as the base fertilizer. And it fertilized for every 1-2 years if the zinc deficiency is not very serious.

Zinc sulfate is used as Out of root top application, and the concentration of zinc sulfate is 0.02-0.1%, 0.1-0.5% is better for corns. For fruit trees, 50% zinc sulfate solution can be sprayed one month before sprouting, and after sprouting, 3-4% zinc sulfate can be shell-out.
Zinc sulfate fertilizer are used in soaking of seeds or seed dressing, the concentration of solution is 0.02-0.1% when used is soaking of seeds, soak for 12 hours, and sow after drying. 2-6g zinc sulfate is used in seed dressing in every 1kg of seeds, 2-4g for corns
What’s more, it’s sooner rather than later to fertilize zinc sulfate, the best time is in the early growth stage. And zinc sulfate fertilizer should match with the NPK fertilizer, which will be more effective and receive good harvest. The volume should also be controlled in fertilizing.


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