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Fertilizer plays an important role in preventing pomegranate leaves from yellowing.

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The following 4 aspects are the reasons why pomegranate gets wilted. Fertilizer is the most important one among the 4 aspects, so planters should apply trace element such as magnesium sulfate heptahydrate and ferrous sulfate appropriately.
Keep soil humid, too dried or too wet soil will make leaves be yellow. 
Loosen the soil for roots breathing. Roots can not breathe in stony soil, so the leaves will be yellow on this condition.
Keep pomegranate trees in the place where is neither too dry nor too humid.
Applying fertilizer well is the most effective way to prevent pomegranate leaves from being yellow. Following is the symptoms of trace element deficiency.
Magnesium deficiency
The symptoms of Mg deficiency will be found on old leaves first, the interveinal between veins turn to yellow and then extended to new leaves gradually. Diachyma show yellow and the veins show green, and all kinds of spots will be found between the veins.
Ferrous deficiency
The symptom is similar to Mg deficient leaves. While the difference is that Fe deficiency occurs from new leaves first. The main vein keeps green but the interveinal is yellow or turns pale.
Manganese deficiency
The symptom is similar to Fe deficient leaves, green chlorosis spots appear between the veins and turn to streak gradually. However, the vein remains green.
Zinc deficiency
Plant will be wilted obviously when zinc deficiency occurs, and the leaves will turn to yellow or be small. Yellow spots will appear between the veins and extend to the new leaves gradually. 
Therefore, not only should the planters control the soil humidity and temperature well, but also they should apply trace elements such as magnesium sulfate,manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate and ferrous sulfate appropriately to prevent pomegranate trees from trace element deficiency.


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