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Ferrous sulphate used as coagulant in drinking water treatment

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Drinking water is general treated by various processing, such as removing impurity, deodorant, disinfection and turbidity removal, etc. Ferrous sulphate is generally used as coagulant in drinking water treatment.

The commonly used turbidity removal techniques are clarifying, osmosis, sand filter, coagulation,etc. In coagulation method, the commonly used coagulants are aluminium sulphate, alum (aluminium potassium sulfate), ferrous sulphate and ferric trichloride, etc. If the coagulant is solid, water dissolve it into 2% ~ 5% solution with fully stirring, and then pour it into the handled water; If liquid, it could bel directly poured into the handled water. 

To get satisfied effect, the handled water should be added a certain volume of agent solution that's in standard range. Do rapidly stir ferrous sulphate solution for 1 minutes, and then slowly stir for 5 ~ 10 minutes. After 1 hour's static settling, the coagulation treatment was finished and was ready for next process.


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