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Ferrous sulphate effective treats the root rot of Chinese herbal medicine

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It’s usually hot and rainy in summer and also it’s the high time for Chinese herbal medicine disease, such as root rot. If timely prevented and treated with ferrous sulfate, the plants can avoid to be affected by this disease. Now let's introduce the root rot symptoms and prevention methods of the Chinese herbal medicine as follows:

Root rot, often occurs in low-lying water herbs planting block in hot and wet weather. It mainly hazard root that may causes part or all root decay and organization infection. When root can't supply water, the stem and leaf sag and dry. The Chinese herbal that’s easy to have this disease varieties is white atractylodes, fritillaria, peony, lily, radix rehmanniae, radix scrophulariae, radix pseudostellariae, radix isatidis, twotooth achyranthes root, safflower, Dangshen, etc.

Prevention and treatment:
(1) rotating planting;
(2) choosing planting block with good drainage;
(3) make sure the sun bake the soil before planting;
(4) In symptoms emerge period, treat the plant with 1% ferrous sulfate in disease disinfected hole, or water the root with 5% limestone.


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