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Ferrous sulfate effectively helps enterprises to control water-pollution

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Sewage treatment has always been concerned by the enterprises because waste water produced by each factory let out only when it’s processed and qualified for emission standards. Compared with other wastewater treatment, ferrous sulfate is a good raw material for its cheap price and good effect. That’s why many enterprises choose ferrous sulfate to control water-pollution.
In the "12 5" period, energy conservation and emission reductions are applied in many provinces and cities. Be strict with environmental protection that even makes small factories with low capacity shut off. As for some big enterprise, it is particularly important to do environmental protection works.
Take a dyeing and printing company in Jiangsu province for example, at beginning, they didn’t care much on sewage treatment. Consequently, all the rivers in this country become red now. As the mother river of the county, it’s polluted too serious to use at all. The boss is aware of the importance of environmental protection and decides to be strict on sewage treatment. 
If sewage is processed by ferrous sulfate and decoloring agents like sodium hydroxide, it would be settled in basins. For the sewage treatment equipment in this factory is outdate, he try to buy a batch of new filter equipment more after Spring Festival to help controlling water pollution. These three methods are conducted at the same time to avoid sewage out any more.
Of course, everybody is responsible for environmental protection. Hereby we call for all the manufacturers paying more attention to the environmental protection. Ferrous sulfate as sewage treatment raw material, its price is relatively cheap but it can achieve good treatment effect. Why don't we invest small cost to protect our environment and water resources that provide ourselves and our descendants a good ecological environment?


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