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Ferrous sulfate can treat rice yellowish seedling

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For now, farmers are preparing for seedling planting. If rice seedling occurs yellowish, fertilizer grade  ferrous sulfate can help to treat the disease.

In the stage of seedlings, it’s often to see rice yellowish, show growth. Elements deficiency is the main reason of this.

Solution: Since the deficiency symptoms occur, drain out water immediately to raise temperature and improve ventilation that reduces the poisoning. At the same time, fertilize high efficiency micronutrient fertilizers of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, especially zinc sulfate fertilizer. The seedling with deficiency symptoms should supplemented the lacked fertilizer timely, moreover, remember to drain water out or irrigate circuitously timely in fields to improve water temperature in order to promote root growth and seedlings’ disease resistance.

Measures to prevent yellowish: 1, drain to improve the temperature of seedbed. 2, topdressing lacked elements as ferrous sulfate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and others on seedbed that can promote seedling’s growth.


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