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Feed grade ferrous sulphate might help to treat piglet anemia

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Feed grade ferrous sulfate monohydrate is a common additive to complement iron trace nutrition elements in feedings. Iron, is one of the major components of hemoglobin. If lack of iron, it can cause piglets nutritional anemia.

Why would piglets lack of ferrous?
Piglets should have a lot of iron in the body, as the piglets grow, the ferrous is quickly consumed. Especially piglets born in late summer or early autumn, if not supplied ferrous 10 days after birth, different degree of anemia symptoms will appear. Moreover, the content of ferrous in the sow milk is only 0.003% which can't satisfy the need of piglets growth. Therefore, the piglets should be fed ferrous as early as possible, generally 5 days after birth. Note that  it’s better to supple copper elements at the same time because ferrous can only be absorbed when the copper exist.

Formula and operation details:
1, Formula: ferrous sulfate 2.5 g, copper sulfate1 g. Dissolve the two in 1000 ml water and filtered with two or three layers of gauze as ferrous copper solution.
2, Usage: For piglet young, drop the solution in the sow the nipple to make piglet could inhaled with lactation, 2-3 times a day; For older piglets, mix feed grade ferrous sulphate in drinking water or feedings, 10 ml daily for each piglet.


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