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Do all the fertilizer need slow-releasing effect?

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Manganese sulfate monohydrate granular and zinc sulphate monohydrate granule manufactured by Rech Chemical Co. Ltd have slow-release effect on crops. Moreover, our country is also widely promoting the application of slow-releasing and controlled fertilizers. But do all the fertilizer need slow-controlled effect?

Slow controlled fertilizers is mainly to improve fertilizers’ efficiency and reduce the pollution to protect the environment. But not all the chemical fertilizers need slow-controlled or releasing effect. All the procedures would be regulated by the professional standards, such as adding what kind of slow controlled release materials, chemical fertilizer, the requirements in slow-release fertilizers, under what circumstances slow release fertilizers need and so on.

When buying zinc sulphate monohydrate and other chemical fertilizer, not only pay attention to the correct application method, and also note the types of chemical fertilizer and efficacy according to crops needs. In this way, we can truly buy the rightly efficient fertilizers.


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