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Depressor for Sphalerite -- zinc sulphate

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In the mineral processing, zinc sulfate, lime, cyanide, sodium sulfide are the commonly used depressor. Applied together with other agents, zinc sulfate is a good depressor for sphalerite.

How does zinc sulfate work in the mining?

Usually, this depressor works in the alkaline pulp, the higher PH, the more obvious inhibitory effect. In the water, the reaction of zinc sulfate is as follows:


Zn2+ +2H20=Zn(OH)2+ 2H+ Zn(OH)2 is a acid and alkali compound that’s soluble in acid condition to form salt


In alkali condition, HZnO2- and ZnO22- occur and adsorbed on the mineral that strengthen its hydrophilic.



In mineral processing, zinc sulphate generally not be used as depressor alone and applied with cyanide, sodium sulfide, sodium carbonate, etc. The commonly used proportion is: cyanide: zinc sulfate = 1:2 ~ 5. Combination application with zinc sulfate and cyanide can effectively strengthen the depress effect.


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