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Cultivation for eggplants in heliogreenhouse

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Grafting technology is taken for eggplants cultivation in heliogreenhouse, which avoid soil-borne disease and can improve stress resistance to make them grow well and have strong root. Appropriate micronutrient like magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate and ferrous sulfate can help plants to supply trace elements.
Soil preparation and cultivation and management for water and fertilizer are very important for eggplants grafting in greenhouse, as follows:
Soil preparation planting is made in the mid-to-late September. Make rectangular pieces first, fertilizing 1000kgs of farmland fertilizer, 100-150kgs of calcium superphosphate, 50kgs of urea, 100kgs of potassium sulfate, 2kgs of B fertilizer, 10kgs of magnesium sulfate, 5kgs of zinc sulfate, 3kgs of ferrous sulfate, 1.5kgs of Bacteria net insect. And then make ridges and planting after deeply ploughing for 2 times. The ridge is 20-25cm high, 70cm wide and the distance between ridges is 80cm, make a shallow ridge as the watering ridge (20-25cm in depth), which is 3-5cm higher than ridges.
Management for water and fertilizer: Watering plants thoroughly because the temperature is very high for planting, watering again in one week. The first top application is needed together with watering when calyx comes out, 15kgs of urea and 15kgs of potassium sulfate is needed for every 667㎡ as top application. After some times, 8kgs of urea, 5kgs of DAP and 12kgs of potassium sulfate is applied as top application, match with appropriate compound fertilizer or mixed micronutrients (such as zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, magnesium sulfate and so on). 1-2 times of foliar fertilizer is also needed.


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