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Can magnesium sulfate be used as weight-loss pills?

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Back from the Spring Festival, many ladies have found a few "swimming laps" on waist. Then losing weight is becoming popular with office ladies soon. In spare time, all kinds of method of loose weight are brought up and discussed, such as on diet, banana, honey and lose weight tea, etc. Even someone put forward a new way to have magnesium sulfate and brown sugar.

Do the way of magnesium sulfate and brown sugar work? As one of fat people, I have to check its truthfulness.

Magnesium sulfate, commonly, known as Epsom salt. Magnesium sulfate is a good diarrhea for that’s rarely absorbed by the enteric canal. When magnesium sulfate solution arrived at enteric canal, it would make a certain osmotic pressure to small intestine wall which that water not be absorbed by intestines. Moisture environment with lots water stimulate the intestine mechanical move. This can effectively remove intestinal poison and eliminate constipation. As to brown sugar in this method, it just plays a balanced role when people take in magnesium sulfate.

Though the method of magnesium sulfate and brown sugar method is a really new one, anyway, it concerns something to eat .We cannot use it at random. Kind notes that it should be taken cautiously by some people special for those who have kidney failure or woman in menstrual period or pregnancy and the elderly.


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