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About the color of manganese sulfate monohydrate

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Usually manganese sulfate monohydrate looks light rose red or pink. However not all the manganese sulfate keeps the same color and they often shows light red or bright pink, even whitening. What cause the differences?

1. Different raw material can affect product color. In industrial manufacturing, Manganese sulfate is made from raw material like pyrolusite, rhodochrosite and polianite. Generally speaking, the quality and color of raw material nearby Guangxi are much better than those of Hunan.

2. The different manufacturing technique can affect product color. There are two methods to produce manganese sulfate, one is Wet Method, and one is burning Method. Both the two ways undergo the blending of raw material and concentrated sulfuric acid. The difference for burning Method is that before blending, raw material would be burn. The burning Method makes the product more pure, fluent and nice color.

3. Different equipment application can affect product color. In dry program, the experienced manufacturer use air dry. Air dry is environmental protection and would not cause new impurities; While other general factory still use tumbling barrel drying that would cause smokes and impurities which affect the color.

The 3 notes above are the mainly reason for manganese sulfate monohydrate differ in color caused. More Info. , welcome to contact with Rech chemical Co.Ltd.


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