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A question on main content of FeSO4.H2O and FeSO4.7H2O

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Today, a new colleague asked me a question about the product: “Vicky, I know the main content of ferrous sulfate monohydrate is 91% , Fe content is 30%. But I can’t understand why the Fe content of ferrous sulfate heptahydrate is 19.7%, while the main content can reach 97%. Could you please explain this question for me? 
I am so surprised for the girl, and amazing for what she asked. We talk ferrous sulfate every week every day. However on one consider this question, no one link the main content of ferrous sulfate monohydrate and ferrous sulfate hetpahydrate together. And I’m sure this condition not only happened in our office, most of friends in chemical industry ignored this question maybe.
After searching related information and consulting factory director, my colleague and I understand the reasons. So I share this here with all of you:
As we all know, ferrous sulfate monohydrate with Fe 30%, main content (FeSO4.H2O) 91%; While ferrous sulfate heptahydrate with Fe 19.7%, main content (FeSO4.7H2O) 97%.
According to molecular formular, the main content include hydrone, ferrous sulfate monohydrate has one hydrone only, so the main content is 91%, while ferrous sulfate heptahydrate has seven hydrone, so the main content is 97%.


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