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8 Skills to formulate foliar fertilizer

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Roots can not absorb nutritious effectively in bad soil environment such as over humid, drought, too acidic or too alkaline. Nutritious can be supplement promptly by foliar spraying to meet the demand of plant growth. In spring, all the plant is in growth period, and it’s the best time to spray on foliar. Following are the 8 methods to tell you how to formulate foliar fertilizer well such as zinc sulfate solutions and manganese sulfate solutions. 
0.5%-1% Urea solutions: Mixing 0.5-1kg urea with 100kgs water. Urea can not be used as foliar fertilizer when biuret content exceeds 1.5%. 
Monopotassium phosphate solutions: 300g monopotassium phosphate with 100kgs water. 
1%-1.5% Potassium sulfate solutions: 1-1.5kgs potassium sulfate with 100kgs water. 
Ferrous sulfate solutions: 200-300g ferrous sulfate into 100kgs water. For the poor liquidity, you should spray ferrous sulfate solutions for several times.
Rare earth micro fertilizer solutions: This solution can improve the chlorophyll content, mix 80-100ml rare earth with 100kgs water.
Zinc sulfate solutions can be gotten by mixing 100-200g zinc sulfate with 100 kg water. The effects will be better if you add some lime water into zinc sulfate solutions.
Borax solutions: Mix 200-300g borax into 100kgs water. First using 4-5kgs warm water to dissolve borax, and then add another95-96kgs water. 
Manganese sulfate solutions can be made by mixing 50-100g manganese sulfate with 100kgs water. 


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