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10 Tips to improve the milk yield of dairy cows

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The milk yield of cow is farmer’s source of benefit. How to improve the milk yield of cows, there are ten tips below for your reference, such as letting cows do free activities, and adding manganese sulfate monohydrate feed grade or other feed additives into silage. 
1. Wash and chop the carrot, and adding 15% to the feed. The milk output will be improved by 25%. Besides, the milk yield will be improved obviously by adding 7g carotene product into their daily feed 30 days before milking and 92days after milking. 
2. Feeding cows with porridge fodder, which can not only improve cow’s intake, but also benefit for their digestion and absorption.
3. Collecting the trimming orange leaves when trim the orange trees. And after wash and chop the leaves, ensile them tightly with beer grains for 45 days. Cause the carotene which in orange leaves can promote the cow growth and milk production.
4. The yield can be increased 0.4-1 kg/day/cow if we feed them with sweet sorghum, because sweet sorghum is nutritious.
5. The daily milk yield will increase 1.5kgs if letting cows do free activities and set a watering place, so cows can drink water at any time.  
6. In addition to feed enough hey in the daytime, but also feed with some hey at 10 pm, and then let cows drink enough water. In this way, the cow's anti-adversity ability will be strengthened, and the milk yield will be improved obviously.
7. The green forage is not so much in winter season, so if we can feed with the silage or hay, the milk yield will be increased about 10%.
8. 50-70kgs water per day is necessary if the cow produces 50kgs milk per day. The yield will be increased by providing cleaning, healthy and plenty water. Enough water makes cows spirited and with bright fur.
9. Wearing cotton bras for cows in winter, this will prevent teats from frozen, and in summer, wearing gauze bras to prevent teats from mosquito biting. Both of the methods can improve the milk yield.
10. Adding the following feed additives into silage at the ratio of 1 ton silage with copper sulfate 25g, manganese sulfate 5g, zinc sulfate 2g, cobalt chloride 1g, potassium iodide 1g. The milk yield will be increased by 10% or above.


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