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Zinc sulphate supplementation cures the diseases

Views:453     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2016-04-18      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

Fertilize in soil with base fertilizer, seed manure or top application. 1kg/667㎡ of zinc sulfate is needed. Some points for fertilizing: near the seeds, mixing with various of acid chemical fertilizer, but not mix with the P fertilizer.
In our daily work, we receive lots of questions related to zinc sulfate, such as how to cure the maize white seedling, piggy dermatitis and diarrhea. 
Once we received a case, a farmer said the maize he planted occurred lots of white lobus cariacus, the leaves lost green color and turn white just like sprayed phytocide. What he said is maize white seedling disease, which is caused by lacking of zinc in soil. Maize is sensitive to the zinc, and it happens if the effective zinc is below 1.5ppm. So it’s the key point to supply zinc fertilizer timely.
How to?
Top application: prepare 50kgs/667㎡ of 0.01-0.05% zinc sulfate solution to spray in the jointing stage.
0.02% zinc sulfate solution is neededfor soaking seed, 12 hours for soaking. 50kgs of seeds need 200g zinc sulfate for seed dressing.
It will make dermatitis if piggy lacks of zinc. Take feed grade zinc sulfate 2g/ pig /day, take 3 days, stop for 2 days, and continue with zinc sulfate 0.5g/pig/day till recovery.

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