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Fertilize trace elements in shed planted chicken-leg mushroom

Views:180     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2016-10-07      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. LTD

Chicken-leg mushroom is an artificially developed rare bacterium product, which has great commercial potential in recent years and known as "bacteria rookie". However, when planted it in vegetables shed, the substrates still need feed grade zinc sulfate, magnesium sulfate and other special fertilizers. Chicken leg mushroom is typical temperature cultivars.

Planting chicken-leg mushroom in vegetable shed in winter is a valuable mode to worth promotion. It not only saves heating costs and effective vegetables space, but also provides vegetables part of carbon dioxide.

Two formulas of substrates:

(1) wheat straw 60%; dry cow muck 25%; wheat bran 12%; cornmeal 3%.

(2) Straw 60%; corn straw 20%, wheat bran 15%, cornmeal 5%.

Special fertilizer formula: as special fertilizer of chicken leg mushroom, in substrates 50kg, special fertilizer 0.5 kg, lime 2.5kg, carbendazim 0.1kg, magnesium sulfate 0.02kg, zinc sulfate kg, water 60kg-80kg. 


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