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Feed grade manganese sulphate monohydrate benefit breeding to chicken

Views:14     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2016-04-18      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

Winter to spring is the incubation period of chicken. During the season, appropriate amount of manganese sulfate is needed in chicken feed. Because manganese is the activation of many enzyme and it plays an important role in the growth and reproduction of chicken.
There is insufficient green forage in winter and spring, chicken is fed mainly with seeds feed which contain a little manganese, so chicken is easy to get manganese nutrition deficiency. It’s not normal for bone’s growth of chicken, sick chicken is limp. This disease occurs for 3-6 weeks old chicken. Another one is the egg embryos deformity and the leg coarsens and short, wings shorten, and hatching rate will decrease. Therefore, it must be paid attention that to supply manganese to chicken in winter to spring. 8g manganese sulfate for every 100kgs feed can meet the needs of legehenne, breeding hens and chicks.
In addition, feed the hens with iodine-added feed can help breeding and promote chicks’ growth. After feeding with the iodine-added feed, hens’ hatchability increased and chicks grow faster.
Lastly, we’d like to recommend a Chinese herbal medicine as feed ingredient: 5g for each common andrographis Herb, rhizoma atractylodis and kelp, 2g of isatis root and dandelion for each, 1 g honeysuckle, green beans 8 g, malt 3 g, after mixing and grinding to a fine powder, add  manganese sulfate 12 g, zinc sulfate 9 g, ferrous sulfate 13 g, copper sulfate 1 g, sodium selenite 0.025 g, magnesium sulfate 0.25 g and 0.25 g boric acid, corn flour 500 g, fish meal 25 grams, wheat bran 15 g, all mixed evenly with feed. It can strengthen chicken’s disease resistance ability, and improve the laying rate by 15%.

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