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Orange tree management—symptoms of nutrient deficiency

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Orange trees must have the proper balance of nutrients in order to be healthy. Mineral deficiencies such as zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate and magnesium sulfate in orange trees are sometimes mistaken for signs of disease, so it is important that the trees receive the proper amount of nutrients. Even with regular fertilization and irrigation, orange trees can still have nutritional deficiencies.
Nitrogen Deficiency
Lack of nitrogen in orange trees will be characterized by yellow leaves and yellowed main veins on the leaves.
Magnesium Deficiency
Leaves that are mottled or blotchy with a green triangular shaped area at the bottom of the leaf have a magnesium deficiency. Also the space between the veins on the leaves will turn light green.
Zinc Deficiency
Leaves will become smaller and have a slender pointed tip with a loss of zinc. There will be uneven green bands along the principal vein of the leaves.
Ferrous Deficiency
The leaves of the orange tree will become pale and covered with very fine green lines with the absence of ferrous. 
When found trees have some kind of nutrient deficiency, we should apply the trace element such as zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate and magnesium sulfate to correct these conditions.


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