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Why the Cd contaminated rice appeared?

Views:3     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-11-26      Origin:Site

 The Cd contaminate rice is concerned by the supervision department. Where the Cd is comes from? After investigation, Small levels of Cd absorb from soil are not toxic to crops but can contribute to substantial Cd dietary intake by humans. Due to the irregular use of chemical fertilizers, the accumulations of Cd in rice grains are the serious agricultural issues, Therefore, It is important to use qualified fertilizer products. Rech Chemical Co. LTD produces high quality feed grade  zinc sulfate and  feed grade ferrous sulfate all year round. Its cadmium content and control of other heavy metals are recognized as stable and lower in the market.

Meanwhile, Hunan has a long history of raising pigs. Feed additives and trace element premixes are added to the feed, which would promote the growth of pigs. Once the heavy metals in the feed additives not controlled well, the excess heavy metals will eventually be discharged into the paddy soils and rivers in the countryside along with the pig manure excreta. If the heavy mental entering the human food chain, would indirectly affecting human health. Feed additives usually use powder or small granules, and the requirements for heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and cadmium are very strict, for these heavy metals would lead to animal poisoning.

Our Rech Chemical Co. LTD produce high quality Feed Grade Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate, it has following advantages:

1. Control chloride strictly: the chloride ion content of the product is not more than 0.5%

2, low hygroscopicity: Through special concentrated crystallization process, the product well-crystallized, and the humidity relatively lower than market requirement.

3, non-adhesive equipment: Our product fluency is very well, easy to pre-mix, and not easy to adhere to the surface of the device to form a block.

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