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Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate Industry Grade/Technical Grade
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 CAS No. :     7782-63-0 
 H.S. Code:   28332910 
 EINECS NO.: 231-753-5 
 Formula: FeSO4.7H2O 
 Other name: ferrous sulfate hepta,ferrous sulfate heptahydrate,iron sulfate,ferrous sulphate,ferrous sulphate heptahydrate,green vitriol,green copperas
 Fe: 19.7% min 
 Pb: 20 ppm max 
 As: 2  ppm max 
 Cd: 5  ppm max 
 Size: powder 

1. In agricultural, applying ferrous sulfate can prevent crops from Fe deficiency which will lead to reduction of output
or no fruits. Symptoms of Fe deficiency include chlorosis, yellowish green diachyma etc.

2. It also can be used as feed additive to cure ferrous deficiency which will cause animal weakness, lethargy,
depression, slowed growth, rapid breathing, anorexia and susceptibility to disease, or supply daily trace element in everyday feed.

3. In industry field, it can be used as a substitute for aluminum sulfate in the water treatment. It causes impurities
to clump together in masses, called flocculation, or used to remove phosphates in sewage treatment.

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