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“Ferrous Sulfate” helps to care city green belts!
Time:2012-4-13       Click:605       【A A A

In spring, kinds of plants and grass come back to green and begin to bloom, the flowers in city green belt too. In order to let the green belts grow better, stuff in Wuxi city plants Management is especially purchasing large of ferrous sulphate, except common fertilizers. What’s for?

The staff explained, recently, city soil in Wuxi turn to alkaline day by day while there are many green plants like acidic soil. So they’re added ferrous sulfate to help them grow. In road construction of many cities, part of backfill soil is mixed with a lot of lime which makes soil partial alkaline; on the other hand, there are poor nutrition in the soil which is dig from deep underground and cannot reach planting requirements. These all caused plants to grow not very well and yellowing. The main symptoms appear the leaves, flowers are burnt drop.

Therefore, the acidic soil plants, as sweet camphor tree, gardenia, camellia in the city green belts, we must pay special attention to balance its soil ph value with ferrous sulphate and ensure the plants grow well then the city looks beautiful.