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The application of zinc sulfate monohydrate in moss treatment
Time:2012-5-10       Click:780       【A A A

If moss appears on the roof or wall body, the house will looks ugly and not clear. Moreover, it’s easy to cause water to leak house inside. Why not try to use zinc sulfate monohydrate to treat the disgusting moss?

1.Prepare 10L water in plastic bucket
2.Pour 500 G zinc sulfate monohydrate powder into the plastic bucket and make sure to the powder not scatter in the air, fully mixing.
3.Pour the well stirred zinc sulfate solution into a spray container.

Now, you can start to spray and kill the moss.Notes for you: When pouring zinc sulfate monohydrate powder, please put on gloves and face mask; spraying fluid may be some harm to the surrounding plants and watershed, please note spraying scope and amount.