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DIY ferrous sulfate solution
Time:2012-5-9       Click:741       【A A A

Ferrous is an essential element for plant to form chlorophyll. If ferrous is in short, the chlorophyll formation will be obstructed and green lost disease appears. Rech Chemical Co., LTD. teaches you how to make ferrous sulfate solution.

Making method: mix ferrous sulfate 6g and ethylenediamine tetraacetate two sodium (C10H14N2O8Na2) 8g in 1 liter of water (adjust the PH value under 6) which is prepared will be in a containers.

Application method: foliar fertilizing 0.2~ 0.3% concentration of ferrous sulfate solution on plant leaves. Because iron in plant had poor mobility, it need continuous foliar spraying 3 ~ 5 times to make all blades absorb the iron solution. Thus this can achieve the best result.

Note: Ferrous sulfate is soluble in water that it should use timely. At the same time, correct concentration is very important. Excessive amount will cause poisoning.

It’s a good choice make ferrous sulfate solution for the peoples who like to cultivate acid flowers as mountain tea, tea may.