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Why agricultural soluble fertilizers as zinc sulfate and magnesium sulfate are so popular?
Time:2012-3-7       Click:475       【A A A
In spring, it’s obviously that the enquiries and purchasing zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate and magnesium sulfate appear more frequently as usual. How to explain this?

As we all know, the crops demand less amount of trace elements. It’s very easy to make plants poisoning by any carelessness. Therefore, trace elements fertilizing requires higher technology.

In the soil fertilization, micro-fertilizers can be used through broadcasting, banding or hole adding. The trace elements in soil are easy to be fixed and washed away that would not completely achieve the ideal effect. In addition, trace elements affect the crops only on narrow range that soil fertilization is easy to cause the element accumulating, even heavy metal pollution. In order to improve the effect of fertilization and balance the nutrient absorption, micro-fertilizer always be processed into granules which is released slowly.

In foliar spraying, soluble fertilizers not only can be absorbed quickly and efficiently but also are convenient to fertilize and less waste. Spraying with soluble fertilizers has become the major method to supply trace element nutrition to crops.

Zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, magnesium sulfate and ferrous sulfate become more and more popular with the present market. No doubt, water-soluble micronutrient fertilizer has become a mainstream.