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How do foreign trade enterprises deal with rising on ocean freight
Time:2012-6-13       Click:1567       【A A A

Ocean freight fluctuation will directly affect the ferrous sulfate order and cost of foreign trade enterprises, especially to those who trade based on CIF terms. The shipping companies have formed industry price alliance; meantime, high cost on transportation also will affect foreign trade enterprise expected profit, even cause losses.

To deal with the freight pressure, we can try the following solutions to adjust:

1. Ocean freight rise basically object to far-ocean container transportation services. It’s suggested to transport cargos without containers via short-ocean.

2. Improve the full loading rate through reasonable space booking. Try to fill the container with less unnecessary packaging materials and invalid carriage to reduce container numbers. And, the foreign trade enterprise can consider moving market from Europe and America market to Asia market

3. Foreign trade enterprises establish a long-term cooperation relation with the shipping company through negotiations that shipping companies may share part of the transport costs rise.

4. Suggest related government departments take measures timely to help ferrous sulfate foreign trade enterprises such as export subsidies, export tax refund, export credit, etc.

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