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Shipping capacity oversupply yet freight rises all the time
Time:2012-6-13       Click:1612       【A A A

Many foreign chemical companies with large transportation volume as manganese sulfate monohydrate manufactures feel that the sea freight price this year hasn't stopped rising. "Price increase" almost becomes fixed action monthly to the ship companies, especially Europe and North America line exported from China.

Excess capacity in recent years forces ship companies operating in a low price and big losses. So the great liner companies had to take reasonable allocation, reduce the shipping speed, disassemble container ships down and other measures to ease the pressure gradually when the market downturns.

In addition, the key of shipping price fluctuation depends on two factors: on one hand, the determination and cooperation of shipping companies to raise the freight. Currently, the leading container transport ship companies have formed price alliance that they have the ability control the freight up or down. On the other hand, shipping prices also decided by the market requirements. For the booming season coming and the American economy recovering, the demands of expected cargo increase makes the price still increasing.

The rise of sea freight not only includes freight, but also port congestion surcharges, season surcharge, airlines fuel surcharge and other miscellaneous expenses. It’s predicted that as the booming season of manganese sulfate monohydrate coming, shipping prices will keep rising.

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