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The responsibility of Chemicals abuse
Time:2012-6-7       Click:1633       【A A A

To make the food preserved more longer or looks better, add some food additives as ferrous sulfate is reasonable. But all the food additives should be under strictly supervision and make sure them in safety range. Illegal chemical additive should be strictly banned. However, recent additives events make people worried for our food safety.

At present, to make the maximum profit, the illegal manufacturers have mess up the food additive industry quite seriously, even some enterprise use non-food chemical additive illegally. People may ask: Who are responsible for the Chemicals abuses? Both chemical products originally have their usage limit and there are also strict standards to supervise such food additives. Finally, ease supervision and law punishment is the key reason of chemical products abuses. Facts prove that the fuzzy responsibility, oversight responsibilities and repeat supervision and regulation coexist at the same time. To get out of troubles of food safety, regulators not only have to crack down criminals on serious harm food safety, but carry out supervision in the relevant industry.

Banning off all the illegal chemicals and supervising them correctly as ferrous sulfate really need force of supervision department. Don't wait for a security incident exposed by the media, problems then could be solved.

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