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More businesses take opportunities in the electronic commerce industry
Time:2012-6-5       Click:1394       【A A A

Because of the particularity of chemical products, Rech chemical has insist promotion work of products as zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate on internet. There is a reports said that Internet users in China has reached 500 million. China's e-commerce industry is showing a large of business opportunities and will realize breakthrough in the next few years.

In recent years, domestic manufacturing industries as wine, express delivery, clothing, cell phone all have get a starting on internet in the hope of sharing a piece of cake in the fast growing market. As for e-commerce crowd, the price and convenience is the decisive factor to choose e-commerce. The 80 and 90 people grown up in the electronic age is the most strong purchasing power. B2C is the most common direction of electric business marketing, mainly through the three electrical contractor architectures as platform mode, vertical mode and own-established mode. However, the cost of website promotion and maintenance is a bit higher. This model in foreign country is more mature while it’s still in the stage of exploration and integration in our country

In some zinc sulfate industrial when expanding market, electronic commerce also become a kind of weapon against market impact to many enterprises. Obviously, the long-term development price war has an adverse effect in the business competition. As long as the operator can complement each other with the good faith management, the one could stand a unbeaten stage in the new round of electric business competition.

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